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The Bourtons have the chance of claiming a substantial sum of money under Sec 106, a one-off payment, from the developers, Hayfield Homes, to improve public transport for the community, if we can devise a viable scheme that would be approved by OCC. The funding would be insufficient to provide a dedicated, independent Bourtons minibus. We will almost certainly need to find a way to financially support and enhance an already existing service; one that will give most benefit to Bourtons people.

With the support of Community First Oxfordshire, we have developed a questionnaire to help determine the transport needs of Bourtons residents.

The more responses we get the more informed we will be. Therefore, please take a little time to complete the survey, which you can find here or enclosed with the August issue of the Bourtons Broadsheet, printed on yellow paper.

Please take your completed forms to the post-box on the wall at The Red House, School Lane, Gt B. or to The Old Bakery, Spring Lane, LB    or email to [email protected]

Sally Leszczynski, for Bourtons Parish Council

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