Climate Change – Proposed Cropredy Group – Zoom Meeting in February

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Climate change is leading to increased frequency of severe weather events such as floods. The ecological crisis is leading to rapid extinction of species with potential impacts on food supplies as we lose pollinating insects for example. Climate Change – Proposed Cropredy Group- Zoom Meeting in February. Many global governments and local councils, including Banbury Town, Cherwell and Oxfordshire, have declared Climate Emergencies and pledged to reach ‘net zero’ by 2050 or earlier (net zero means that on balance we emit no more greenhouse gases such as CO2). Even achieving this will still result in severe changes to our climate and environment. As well as national and regional action, we need to make changes locally and individually to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint.

We’d like to discuss what changes we can start to make in our local area. There is much to be gained from sharing knowledge of what is already being done. We can learn from each other what has worked well and what has been more challenging. Together, we can also suggest what we want the Parish Council to work on. So as a first step, Cropredy Parish Council is coordinating a meeting of those interested in working together on this topic, with a view to forming a Cropredy Climate Change Group. Given the current Covid-19 situation, this meeting will have to be online – it is hoped that in due course we will be able to hold open public meetings again. Please register with to receive Zoom details of the event by 22 February.

We aim to make this event as inclusive as possible, if you have any accessibility issues that make participation difficult, please contact Bob Garland  (07786 728247)and we will try to accommodate you. Depending on numbers attending, the intention is to use a Peoples’ Assembly format with breakout groups to ensure that everyone gets a chance to have their points heard.

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