Fairport’s Cropredy 40th Festival, 2019 – August 8th  9th 10th

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Application for Bourtons Tickets 

Bourtons Parish Council will be allocated 100 concessionary entries to the festival this year. The names of successful applicants are sent to Cropredy by the Fairport organisation for exchange for wristbands only at advertised times at Village Wristband Booth at the sports field. Matching ID may be required at exchange.

The GDPR legislation means we must ask your permission to hold personal information about you while we sort out ticket sales.

The following are the arrangements for registering for concessionary  entries. Please bring your application form, together with  your GDPR permission form and ID that shows your address in the Bourtons, to Bourton Village Hall between 5:30pm to 8.00pm on Tuesday 18th June 2019.  

Registrations, 1 ticket per household, will be agreed on a ‘first come first served’ basis until 8.00pm (or earlier if all tickets are taken), when a draw will be held for second registrations if there are any. (Nominations are permitted within reason for family  and neighbours, see below) If you need more tickets, tell us on the night and we will contact you if extra tickets are available.

Fairport ticket allocation 2019

Gareth Williams, the Fairport organiser, has told us that we must be much stricter in selling tickets to people with close  village connections, such as sons, daughters, or grandchildren  who may now live elsewhere.

Fairport are going to examine our list with this in mind. If we infringe this limitation we will be in danger of losing the privilege of concessionary tickets altogether, as happened in the past.

If you wish to buy a ticket for somebody else please evaluate whether they would be eligible, and be prepared to explain who they are and why they are eligible. We have received clarification that if you do not wish to use a concessionary ticket yourself ,  you may nominate someone else, but they must be a Bourtons resident, or be  a son or daughter, or grandchild of resident

Registrations will cost £45 each (full 3-day price £145 at that time) so please make sure you bring your cheque(s) for £45 payable to Bourtons Parish Council.

(Separate cheque for second, potential, ticket if required makes admin easier! It will be destroyed or returned if unsuccessful)

In 2018 we did have unsold tickets. In case that happens again please tell us on the night if you would wish to buy extra tickets if any are available. They MUST still be for Bourtons residents.




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