Highways Update

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Highways are always on the Parish Council’s agenda and we work closely with the highways engineer for this area.

Because of budget OCC budget restrictions, we never reach the point when all the work which needs doing has been done, even with two inspections per year: unless a pothole meets the criteria for repair, it will be left unattended, the theory that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, apparently doesn’t cut any ice with OCC.  The best way to get potholes repaired outside of our formal inspections is to report them on fixmystreet, they should then be repaired within 28 days.

The County Council have issued a bulletin regarding road maintenance and it is here for your reference.


NB: For those of you who are concerned about the raised manhole in Manor Road, this was initially reported to Thames Water who then referred it on to Highways, however Highways have referred it back to Thames Water, as the optimum solution is apparently to reduce the height of the drain to the road level.  Thames Water have yet to confirm when this work will take place.

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