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A very warm welcome to our new Broadsheet editor, Sue Ong who has taken over this important task from Jane Wimbury who has managed our village newsletter most ably for many years.

The broadsheet is sponsored by the Parish Council and several regular advertisers and whose support allows us to distribute village news to every household in the Bourtons’ parish.

Thank you Jane for your wonderful contribution to our newsletter for many years and thank you Sue for taking over from Jane.

The contact details for the broadsheet remain the same as always, Broadsheet editor. You can view the March edition for 2019 here.



    Do you have old vinyl music discs you’d like to have transferred to CD? Do you have old VHS tapes of family videos but no machine to play them on and would like them putting onto a DVD? Do you have a collection of 35mm photo slides but no projector to view them on? You could have these put onto a DVD for viewing on your TV screen.
    I can offer a conversion service with all proceeds going to Cluster Care, a charity providing a day every week of entertainment and lunch for elderly residents from the cluster of villages around Cropredy, including Claydon, Great Bourton, Middleton Cheney, Mollington and more.
    The typical costs are: £3 for a music CD; £4 for a DVD; 5p per 35mm slide for digitising the photo and £4 for a DVD holding over 100 pictures.
    Phone Roger Holdom on 01295 758300 for more information and to arrange the service.

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