September   ’19  Meeting Agenda

Councillors are hereby summoned to attend the meeting of

Bourtons Parish Council

to be held at All Saints Church, North Aisle, Great Bourton on

Tuesday 10th September 2019 at 7.30pm


Attendance  : to receive apologies for absence and to record those present at meeting.     Declarations of interest: to receive updates.

Public Participation Session: to receive questions and comments from members of the public on any items on the agenda, to be noted as matters for next agenda or points of information.

Minutes: To receive and approve Minutes of Bourton Parish Council Meeting held in May 2019

  • Footpaths update

Footpath Warden temporally not able to report receive any reports from residents and Cllrs on parish footpaths.

02  Highways update

  1. Pothole and highways issues updates :.
  2. Review stocks of salt as per request from OCC Highways.                                                       

04  Defibrillators

  1. Review of inspection reports :

05  Website update

  1. To receive any update.

06  Garners Field development update

  1. Update on progress.
  2. Consider request from CDC to adopt the new LAP.

07  Playgrounds & public spaces update

  1. Great Bourton: Cllr safety inspection.
  2. Little Bourton: Cllr safety inspection.
  3. Annual ROSPA Inspection 2019- Reports received – Any action required.
  4. Burial Ground Gates- quotation accepted.
  • Allotments update
  1. One new application for waiting list.

09  Public transport

                a              North Oxon Cluster of parishes meeting with John Charlton, OCC Communities Officer (Transport)

10  Village Hall / Community Hall

       Village Hall

  1. Meeting arranged with VHMC re future of the Committee and Hall.

        Community Hall

  1. Current position re handover/ownership by parish council.
  2. Creation of defect register
  3. Formalise the CH Steering Group into a Sub Committee

11 Healthcare

  1. To receive any updates.

50  Finance & administration

  1. To receive and APPROVE receipts and outgoing payments since last meeting.
  2. To receive and APPROVE the financial statement for August & September 2019.
  3. Clarify status of Poors Land Trust.
  4. Cllr Drummond to report on independent assessment of accounts/bank reconciliation.
  5. Consider reappointment offer from internal auditor.

f             Application for grants  re bell-tower clock restoration.

54  Data protection

  1. No updates

60  Planning applications:  Consider any new planning applications and note planning decisions since last meeting.

New applications

                19/01533/AGN; econ re barn at Bourtonfield Farm.

                19/01432/Q56; econ re Home Farm change of use to dwelling house, response extension agreed until 13/09/19.

                Request for comments on Lower Lodge, Williamscot extensions by owners.

                Consider email from Mr. Lombard re his application.


                No new decisions received

Enforcement Matters

Update on current issues,

70  Correspondence:

To receive and consider any new correspondence.

  1. Consider email from Bourtons Broadsheet editor requesting an increase in our contribution to printing costs.
  2. Email received from resident re condition of footpath behind Garners Field.
  3. Request to join CPRE.

80  New Business: Matters arising from correspondence etc, to discuss and propose:

90  District & County Councillors report

  1. To receive any updates and information from CDC and OCC.
  2. Review timing of grant from C.Cllr Reynolds fund towards parish clock refurbishment.

Date of agenda:    02/09/2019.                                 Stephen M Bowen                     Parish Clerk

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Note of declaration of interest:

Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered: with the exception of the circumstances listed in paragraph 9(2) of the Local Code of Conduct for Members, a Member with a personal interest also has a prejudicial interest if it is one which a member of the public with knowledge of the relevant facts would reasonably regard as so significant that it is likely to prejudice the Member’s judgement of the public interest. In such circumstances the Member must withdraw from the meeting room and should inform the Chairman accordingly; It is not practicable to offer detailed advice during the meeting on whether or not a personal interest should be declared or whether a personal interest should also be regarded as prejudicial.

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