Parish Councillors Vacancies

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We currently have two vacancies on the Bourtons Parish Council following the resignations of Cllr Clive Upton who has taken on many practical duties during his time office and will still be checking the defibrillator regularly in Great Bourton; and Cllr Dan Walker whose knowledge of environmental issues has been of great assistance, especially when considering planning applications.

We are very grateful for their service and their contributions to the community and parish council tasks which have been many and varied, especially over the last few years.

If you would like to find out about becoming a parish councillor or know someone who would, please e-mail the clerk to request  further information or an informal chat with one of us.

Parish Councils have very limited powers but have responsibility for many local community amenities and below is a short list of the some of the responsibilities we have here in the Bourtons:

  • representing the local community interests, for example, by commenting on planning applications;
  • supporting local organisations and activities, for example with grants;
  • providing amenities, such as allotments, burial grounds, closed churchyards, bus shelters and public seats;
  • control of litter, recreational grounds and playing fields and children’s play areas;
  • providing and maintaining street furniture such noticeboards, litter and dog bins.

More details about the role of parish councils, can be viewed here.




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