Pot hole Update from the Parish Council

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As you most of you know we have been plagued with a series of very large potholes in the parish, partially due to the fact that one of our 6 monthly inspections was missed by the highways team. Parish Council chairman and vice-chairman met with Nick Watson, OCCs Technical Officer for Highways and Drainage, on the 14th May in Great Bourton, to discuss the poor state of the roads in the parish and a drainage problem in Little Bourton. A schedule of works has been agreed which includes a complete resurfacing of a section of Crow Lane, which has already been marked up for the work required. Further potholes are also being repaired following our survey with the officer and other works in Little Bourton to rectify the drain at the end of Foxden Way and the exposed cable on the corner of Uplands Close. Another problem has since been identified with the brick pathway leading to Manor Road which has been photographed and forwarded to Nick Watson for his inclusion in the schedule of works. We were advised that it is unlikely that the length of road in Crow Lane can be resurfaced until September, so interim repairs will be made to reduce the risk to vehicles, walkers and cyclists.

We shall be monitoring progress against the schedule we agreed at that meeting and keeping in touch with the Highways Department to make sure that our 6 monthly surveys are carried out.  However this does not prevent residents from reporting potholes, drainage issues or lighting problems on fix my street: https://fixmystreet.oxfordshire.gov.uk/  or calling 0345 310 1111 for urgent enquiries.

There is a set criteria for urgent pothole repairs:

Potholes may need urgent attention if they are more than 40 millimetres in depth and/or 120 millimetres in width, or, as a simple guide:

  • The depth of a milk bottle;
  • The size of a dustbin lid;
  • The depth of a tennis ball, size of a dinner plate and on a busy carriageway;
  • The depth of a coke can on a pathway or busy carriageway;
  • The depth of a coke can and the size of a dinner plate on a quiet carriageway.

If a pothole has been outlined with paint it has already been inspected and programmed to be fixed, so you don’t need to report it.

All other significant potholes can be reported  and uploaded photos and locations from your smart phone or tablet, in particular, can greatly assist the Highways department in determining pothole repair priorities.

The level of response is dependent on the location, size and risk the pothole poses to public safety. This may result in the pothole either being repaired within 28 days if it is identified as a safety risk; or being repaired as part of other programmed works; or being monitored as part of the routine inspections programme as the risk to public safety is not sufficient to merit any immediate action.

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