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This is a message sent via Thames Valley Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Thames Valley Police
Message sent by
Emma Clark (Police, PCSO, Cherwell )

Unfortunately we have had a increase in burglaries in the Oxfordshire area, the preferred means of entry for the burglars seems to be via patio doors, both secured (by smashing the glass with garden ornaments and loose stones) and insecure. please be vigilant keep all doors and windows locked even when at home, secure back and side gates and lock garages.
Don’t Make It Easy For Thieves

How to protect your home

Don’t advertise. Burglars want different things these days than they used to. A few years ago, the prime targets were your home entertainment electronics. Now, thieves are mainly after cash, drugs (pharmaceutical and otherwise), laptop computers, guns, and jewellery. They want stuff that’s small, valuable, and easy to sell. However, whenever you buy a big-ticket electronics item, you should take measures to hide the “evidence.” Be discreet about carrying in the new flat screen. Pull into your garage first, if possible. Likewise, don’t leave the big new box out by the curb; cut it up first. It’s not so much that a burglar wants your home theatre equipment. Rather, he thinks that if you can afford to buy one, you probably have lots of other nice things to steal.
There are lots of products you can buy that promise to deter burglars from taking your valuables from fake food cans to false books.

Bad places to hide things:
Dresser or lingerie drawers
Night stands
Under the mattress
Medicine cabinets
Anywhere in the master bedroom, living room, or dining room

Good places to hide things:
Broom closet

Now would be a great time to sign up for neighbourhood watch, making communities safer by looking out for each other, for more information visit the Thames valley police website.

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