Your village needs you…  our own ‘Big Ben’ project!

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As you know the centre of our village boasts a fabulous iconic landmark being the 1883 Clock Tower and, given its age, we are now facing the need to raise funds for essential maintenance before ‘time takes its toll’ and it becomes unsafe.

An Architect’s report has been commissioned and this will advise what structural work is required so raising funds is essential.  This will add to the things we already know need to be dealt with.

Whilst every effort is made to minimise costs these necessary works will require scaffolding and therefore it is an economic aim to carry out as much repair and preventative maintenance works whilst the scaffolding is in place.

The Friends of All Saints, as a working group, will be exploring grants to aid this project but we hope that the local community will continue to contribute.

During the next few months we will be providing more information on the website and sharing the progress of the project, what the evolving costs are and fundraising opportunities.

We will develop a ‘shopping list’ of items for which we will seek sponsorship from the local community, further afield and wider grant giving organisations.

All supporters will be recognised.

The Friends welcome any ideas and thoughts from the residents of the Bourtons as to how we may achieve and complete this important project…

Alongside the work for the Clock Tower there is a need to provide some TLC to the Church itself.  Some of this work will not be obvious but is imperative to the fabric of the building and help to prevent further deterioration.

Here’s a list of some of the items which have already been identified and which are in need of attention with estimated costs where known, (VAT to be added):


Activity £
Replace springer stones and re-bed existing coping stones (South porch gable) 2610
Repoint open joints to porch stonework and floor  640
Take down and re-build base of buttress between North aisle and nave 1030
Repair splits to lead valley gutter  500
Repoint open joints to the West wall, North aisle 2000
Investigate surface water drains and ensure downpipes discharging into drains and soakaways
Install a lightning conductor 3000
Clock Tower:
Scaffold 4243
Shingle roof tiles
Wooden support frame to the Bell
Bell hammer mechanism
Repoint areas of the stonework


Do please read the History of the church and clock tower on the website. You can see more about the Friends of the Church here

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