Bourtons Parish Council – February Meeting Minutes

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DRAFT Minutes of the meeting held at the Community Hall, Great Bourton on                                                                                                                Tuesday February 11th 2020 at 19:30
Present : Cllr Mrs S E Leszczynski (Chairman),  Cllrs Mrs S Upton, A Johnson, C Upton, D Walker, D Drummond
In attendance : S Bowen (Clerk), D.Cllr Phil Chapman, Apologies : CCllr G Reynolds (business)
Declarations of Interest : None
Public Participation : There were NO members of the public in attendance.
Minutes : The previous Council meetings (January) minutes were received and APPROVED.
Minute ref Item Delegated to
2002-01 Footpaths – Progress Report
2002-01.268 No updates received due to bad weather Information
2002-02 Highways & Road defects – Progress Report
2002-02.269 Confirmation received from OCC that repairs to Crow Lane will commence in April 2020. Information
2002-04 Defibrillators – Progress Report
2002-04.270 Both machines inspected and reported OK. Information
2002-05 Website development – Progress Report.
2002-05.271 Cllr Mrs Upton reported that a review of our website had confirmed it was fully compliant with the Accessibility regulations. Information
2005-05.272 Training has been arranged for 2 members of TBCH prior to website pages and calendar for Community Hall going live this month. Information
2002-06 Garners Field development – Progress Report
2002-06.273 Residents had held a meeting with Ground Solutions regarding grounds care at Garners Field, and a meeting is to be arranged with the Clerk to review maintenance of TBCH grounds. Information
2002-07 Playgrounds & Public Spaces
2002-07.274 GB inspected and reported OK, except for a bicycle with flat tyres being left in the playground.  If it not removed before the next inspection in March it will be scrapped. Information
2002-07.275 LB inspected and OK.  Grass reported as long, but it was agreed that it is too soon to start mowing yet. Information
2002-08 Allotments
2002-08.276 1 shed reported blown over in high winds. Information
2002-08.277 A meeting of the Tenants Committee is to be arranged soon to discuss current issues. Information
2002-09 Public transport
2002-09.278 Reports received that new Ability CIC bus service is appreciated and well supported.  Contact to be made with OCC to chase up availability of s106 funds to allow sponsorship agreement with Ability CIC to be concluded. Clerk
2002-10 Community Hall
2002-10.279 Meeting held with Hayfield to review progress on defects.  Work to start soon. Information
2002-10.280 Information
2002-11 Healthcare
2002-11.281 Cllr Johnson had had discussion with Dr P Fisher and reported on ongoing concern re parking at the Horton Hospital, where there is sufficient land for extension of parking if the willingness existed.  He also made a brief report on the Cropredy surgery.. Information
2002-50 Finance & Administration
2002-50.282 The financial statement for February including receipts and payments had been previously circulated to Cllrs and was APPROVED. Information
2002-50.283 11 payments totaling £3,374.41 were APPROVED.  To comply with the requirements of the Transparency Code those in excess of £100 are listed below: Information
Whitehill Direct Ltd : noticeboards for TBCH : £342.00
K C Graphics : website update : £390.72
J A Electrics Ltd : broadband installation & other minor works at TBCH : £1311.31
I G & M Cobbe Estate : replacement cheque for GB playground rent, original mislaid : £250.00
OALC : training course : £108.00
2002-51.284 The issue of Members right to allowances & expenses was discussed and it was RESOLVED that Members would continue to not take their allowances but would claim travel expenses for journeys in excess of 10 miles. Information
2002-52.285 The previously circulated Risk Assessment was discussed and it was RESOLVED to adopt this. Information
2002-52.286 The Clerk’s request that Council purchase a copy of the updated Clerk’s Guide was APPROVED. Clerk
2002-60 Planning applications
2002-60.287 19/01217/F : Sharawle : reconsultation by CDC following discussions with developer.  It was RESOLVED that Council would write to CDC expressing their concern about the unmet conditions previously imposed. Clerk
2002-60.288 19/00301/OUT : development on land at junction of Spring & Chapel Lanes, LB appeal decision : appeal dismissed, previous decision to refuse confirmed. Information
No enforcement issues.
2002-70 Correspondence
2002-70.289 The Annual request for a parish Emergency Planning Strategy to be put in place has been received. It was agreed to form a subcommittee of councillors and other residents to draw up a plan. Including an emergency contact network and a review of available local resources. Chairman &  Cllr S Upton.
2002-70.290 The Great British Spring Clean has been announced and will run 20th March – 13th April.  Residents asked to look for announcement on website regarding local arrangements, and are encouraged to participate. Information
2002-80 New business
2002-80.291 Following the sad and untimely death of George Ennis, the position of Burial Ground Warden is vacant.  Any residents interested in applying for this post are encouraged to contact the Chairman or Vice Chairman to express their interest. Information
1909-90 County & District Councillors report
2002-90.292 DCllr Chapman presented information regarding the view stated by the Inspector in a  recent appeal decision on a planning application in Sibford and expressed concern about the potential wider implications for unrestrained village developments. Information
2002-90.293 DCllr Chapman reported that the current financial position of CDC was strong, but that further information was awaited following the recent general election result and expected changes to local government funding from central Government. Information
Date of next meeting : Tuesday March 10th at 7.30pm in the Community Hall.
Meeting closed at 21:15  hrs
Minutes drafted by the Clerk  on 12/02/20.
Cllr Mrs S Leszczynski, Chairman

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