Bourtons Parish Council Meeting Draft Minutes April 2020

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DRAFT Minutes of the VIRTUAL meeting held online on                                                                                                                Tuesday April 14th 2020 at 19:30
Note : The Local Authorities & Police & Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority & Police & Crime Panel Meetings) (England & Wales) Regulations 2020  allowed Parish Councils to convene their meetings virtually online.
In attendance online : Cllr Mrs S E Leszczynski (Chairman),  Cllrs Mrs S Upton, A Johnson,  D Walker, D Drummond; & S Bowen (Clerk) Apologies : Cllr C Upton, CCllr G Reynolds, DCllr P Chapman.
Declarations of Interest : Cllrs Johnson & Drummond; committee members of Cluster Care
Public Participation : NO members of the public joined the meeting.
Minutes : The previous Council meetings (March) minutes were received and APPROVED.
Minute ref Item Delegated to
Note Important Coronavirus actions minuted below in 2004-50 Information
2004-01 Footpaths – Progress Report
2004-04.001 Reports have been received of some local landowners failing to clear cross field paths as required under the Countryside Act.  If residents notice that paths have not been cleared following planting please notify the Council so that action can be taken. Information
2004-01.002 Footpath users should take precautions when opening gates etc and use hand sanitiser as recommended by Government, but also be aware that farmland is the farmer’s workplace and do nothing to endanger their safety. Information
2004-02 Highways & Road defects – Progress Report
2004-02.003 Resurfacing work has now been completed in Crow Lane.  This is to a very high standard and this Council would like to record its thanks to the OCC Highways team and their contractors.  It is understood that further work on Foxden Way/ School Lane may be completed shortly. Information Cllr SU
2004-04 Defibrillators – Progress Report
2004-04.004 Both machines reported to be operating correctly. Information
2004-05 Website development – Progress Report.
Nothing to report
2004-06 Projects
2004-06.005 Clock restoration : due to the Coronavirus pandemic the work scheduled to start in March on the installation of the autowind mechanism has been postponed until the crisis is over. Information
2004-07 Playgrounds & Public Spaces
2004-07.006 Playgrounds are closed, following government instruction. No inspections have taken place this month. Information
2004-07.007 Information to be sought from CDC/Hayfield Homes that the LAP at Garners Field has been formally closed, this still remaining under their control pending a decision regarding future ownership. Clerk
2004-08 Allotments
2004-08.008 A further application for a plot has been received bringing the waiting list to 6. Information
2004-08.009 Allotments are permitted to remain open at present, but advice has been issued to observe suitable precautions over distancing and use of shared facilities, main gate, lock, taps etc. and notices posted allowing entry by authorised persons only.
2004-08.0010 Investigation to be undertaken regarding the feasibility of CCTV/floodlighting at allotments following recent vandalism/thefts. Clerk
2004-09 Public transport
2004-09.011 The final edit of the funding agreement with OCC to release the s106 Garners Field monies in support of public transport has been received and circulated to Cllrs.  It was RESOLVED that this should be signed by the Chairman and Clerk.  Text for a letter to Ability CIC to be circulated for agreement once funding agreement has been signed. Clerk
2004-10.012 Village Hall: Currently closed in line with government instruction, to slow transmission of Covid-19. Information
2004-10.013 The work scheduled to repair the oil tank cover has been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Information
2004-10.014 Community Hall: Currently closed in line with government instruction, to slow transmission of Covid-19. Information
2004-10.015 The final version of the lease has been issued to CIO members for consideration and the return is to be expedited. Clerk
2004-10.016 Both Halls remain closed for the duration of the social distancing regulations. Information
2004-10.017 Hayfield Homes have advised that they have ceased maintaining the Hall grounds.  Repeated attempts to contact Ground Solutions have failed and quotes have been obtained from 2 local potential contractors.  It was RESOLVED to appoint SW Services, our current mowing contractor for this year and to review the situation at year end.  Letters to be sent to all parties confirming this decision. Clerk
2004-11 Healthcare
2004-11.018 Cluster Care has ceased operations for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic. Information
2004-11.019 Cropredy Surgery advise that Dr Tucker on annual leave but all other GP’s working.  Consultations initially assessed by phone, surgery remains closed unless by appointment, prescriptions can be collected from reception window. Information
2004-50 Finance & Administration
Coronavirus Pandemic actions
 2004-50.020 It was RESOLVED that the Clerk and Chairman should be delegated power by this Council to undertake anything expedient and necessary to ensure the continuous business of the Council and deal with mandatory undertakings to prevent the Authority from incurring liability during this period of delegation.  This period will last until a further resolution is passed terminating these powers.  Any such actions taken by the Clerk or Chairman will be reported at the subsequent Council meeting and be ratified. Information
2004-50.021 It was RESOLVED that all future meetings of this Council be undertaken online during the Coronavirus pandemic. Information
2004-50.022 It was RESOLVED that the Annual General Meeting and the Annual Parish meeting will both be cancelled.  Following the lifting of the current social distancing regulations both meetings will be rescheduled. Information
2004-50.023 It was RESOLVED that both the Chairman and Vice Chair will remain in their posts until the rescheduled Annual General meeting. Information
2004-04.024 The financial statement for April including receipts and payments had been previously circulated to Cllrs and was APPROVED. Information
2004-04.025 5 payments totaling £1693.00 were APPROVED.  To comply with the requirements of the Transparency Code those in excess of £100 are listed below:
Chris Lewis Fire & Security Ltd : Security alarm at Community Hall, final payment : £660.00
Cluster Care : annual contribution : £100.00
I G & M Cobb Estate : annual rent for GB playground : £250.00
SW Services : March grass mowing : £205.00
CDC :winter half yearly dog bin emptying charge : £439.30
2004-60.026 Planning applications Information
20/00757/F : Mr&Mrs Birkett Hill Farm House Manor Rd, GB : revised application accessibility extns : SUPPORT
20/00753/F : Mrs K North Home Farm barn, Southam Rd, LB : cladding & windows to barn : OBJECT
20/00787/F : Mr&Mrs Prestidge, The Old School, School Lane, GB : conservatory : SUPPORT
20/00908/F : Mr&Mrs Boxall, Holly Cottage, Main Street, GB : single storey extn : SUPPORT
No new decisions
Enforcement matters Information
2004-60.027 20/00096/ENF : Little Bourton Acres, Hanwell Lane, GB : investigation into reported work to support wholesale/retail activities closed.  Confirmation that planning permission required should work proceed.
2004-70 Correspondence
2004-70.028 A letter was received from CDC requesting a suitable locally significant name for new service road to three houses to be built off School Lane. The councillors AGREED ‘Claridge Close’ to reflect the old field name for this area and the ‘no-through-road’ nature of the road. Neighbouring residents are being consulted. Information
2004-70.029 Various communication from local official bodies providing information re Coronavirus, circulated and info published on website where relevant. Information
2004-80 New business
No new business raised.
2004-04 County & District Councillors report
In the absence of County & District Cllrs, no new information.
Date of next meeting : Tuesday May 12th at 7.30pm as a virtual meeting unless current restrictions lifted.
Meeting closed at 20:35  hrs
Minutes drafted by the Clerk  on 15/04/20.

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