Bourton’s Parish Council – Minutes of November Meeting

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DRAFT Minutes of the meeting held at the Village Hall, Great Bourton on                                                                                                                Tuesday November 12th 2019 at 19:15
Present : Cllr Mrs S E Leszczynski (Chairman),  Cllrs Mrs S Upton, A Johnson, C Upton, D Walker
In attendance : S Bowen (Clerk) DCllr George Reynolds,    Apologies :  DCllr Phil Chapman (business),  Cllr D Drummond (holiday)
Declarations of Interest : None
Public Participation : There were 4 members of the public in attendance.
Minutes : The previous Council meetings (October) minutes were received and APPROVED.
Minute ref Item Delegated to
Public participation Mrs Brooks spoke on behalf of the group promoting the planting of trees in the Parish in support of Climate Change re the proposal they had submitted to Cllrs earlier.  She asked if they had the Council’s support in their written response expressing concern at some of the proposed locations for planting.  It was agreed that she would widen the consultation by putting news items in the Broadsheet and on Facebook and approach local landowners to see if any other planting locations can be found. Information
1911-01 Footpaths – Progress Report
1911-01.195 Our footpath warden is still recovering from illness but has written an excellent news item promoting the adult exercise equipment in the LB playground which has been forwarded to the Broadsheet for publication. Information
1911-01.196 Report of stile on footpath at rear of Garners Field having been removed, will be referred to OCC R-o-W Officer for attention. Clerk
1911-02 Highways & Road defects – Progress Report
1911-02.197 Nick Watson [OCC highways officer] has been emailed about lack of progress on Crow Lane repairs and quality of repair to brick footpath in Manor Road.  Response awaited. Information
1911-02.198 A quote has been received for the installation of a ‘gateway’ feature at the eastern end of Main Street similar to the one nearby Garners Field.  Concern was expressed by Cllrs re effect on vision of caras approaching from Cropredy and exiting from Hill House.  Site visit to be arranged. Cllrs
1911-02.199 Request for reflective paint to be applied to kerbs of both traffic calming chicanes to warn drivers approaching in dark as a number of collisions have occurred.  Similar treatment to be requested for drainage leats in verges on Cropredy hill.  OCC Highways will be approached. Cllr Mrs Upton
1911-04 Defibrillators – Progress Report
1911-04.200 Both machines inspected and no defects reported. Information
1911-05 Website development – Progress Report.
1911-05.201 Work continues to finalise the new Community Hall pages and make the booking calendar available. Cllr Mrs Upton
1911-05.202 Unauthorised document was viewable on website re new Community Hall, now removed.  Chairman asked that a policy be developed to ensure all documents for publication on website received written authority prior to uploading. Cllr Mrs Upton
1911-05.203 Further information received regarding requirement for all Local Authority websites to be compliant with new legislation regarding accessibility.  Information to be circulated. Clerk
1911-06 Garners Field development – Progress Report
1911-06.204 Update received from CDC regarding request for PC to takeover responsibility for new LAP at Garners Field advising that the area of green space around it is also included.  This is to be reviewed and s suitable response made to CDC.  Council is concerned that currently this is responsibility of management company, to be queried with Hayfield Homes. Clerk
1911-06.205 The trees planted along the line of the footpath at north of Garners Field have been relocated, thanks to Hayfield Homes for their action. Information
1911-07 Playgrounds & Public Spaces
1911-07.206 Both playgrounds inspected and reported as OK. Clerk
1911-07.207 Information to support quote for repair of play equipment identified by RoSPA during their inspection has been prepared and will be issued for quotes. Clerk
1911-07-208 Concerns still being expressed about dog fouling.  Free dog poo bags are available, please contact Cllr Mrs Upton. Cllr Mrs Upton
1911-07-209 DCllr Reynolds advised that progress on new Country Park is proceeding very slowly due to rights-of-access issues with the various agencies involved.  CDC have committed to plant 30,000 trees in this area.  As much of park falls into our Parish this Council will be kept informed of progress. Information
1911-08 Allotments
1911-08.210 Rent for the coming year still outstanding from 8 tenants.  Reminders have been issued and the gate code will be changed very soon. Payments urgently requested! Clerk
1911-09 Public transport
1911-09.211 The second meeting with Ability CIC was held with the North Oxfordshire Cluster of Parishes and OCC representative John Charlton and was very positive.  Chairman proposed that offer of a bookable bus service from this excellent provider already delivering high quality services in South Northants be accepted.  Initial service will be continuation of Thursday service, following Catteralls decision to cease running at end December.  Full details to be circulated to all residents.  Some of the money received from the Garners Field development will be used to subsidise this service and free bus passes can be used.  It was RESOLVED to proceed. Information
1911-10 Village & Community Hall
1911-10.212 A public meeting has been held by the Village Hall Committee to announce the decision of the majority of trustees to not stand for re-election at their December AGM.  5 new volunteers agreed to stand as trustees or committee members and this will be confirmed at the AGM and allow the VH to remain open for the coming months, while financial viability is tested. Information
1911-10.213 Legal difficulties with a wayleave have prevented the transfer of ownership of the Community Hall from being completed although it is understood these have now been resolved by Hayfield Homes solicitors. Information
1911-10.214 Work is proceeding fast and it is hoped that an announcement about an opening event can be made very soon.  The Hall booking calendar will soon be available on the village website. Information
1911-10.215 A report concerning a trip hazard on the paving in the Community Hall car park has been noted and will be reported to Hayfield Homes for attention. Clerk
1911-11 Healthcare
1911-11.216 OCCG has recommended that the midwife led maternity unit should continue to the dismay of the wider Horton community and this decision has now been referred to the Secretary of State but an outcome will be delayed due to the General Election. Information
1911-11.217 Cropredy Surgery has been inspected by the Care Quality Commission and has received a rating of Good in all areas reviewed. Information
1911-11-218 Dr Galt has now returned to the practice and a further member, Dr Rebecca Cameron has been appointed part time for 2 sessions on Wednesdays, hopefully this will increase from January.  Medical students will be attending the surgery from January for experience, patients can express a wish not to have a student present if they so wish.  Further Tin Hargadon, a senior nurse practitioner has been appointed and well received by patients. Information
1911-11.219 Car parking is recognised as an issue.  This is difficult to resolve but work will continue to try and find a solution or improve parking. Information
1911-11.220 New telephone system and the introduction of new computers continue to cause difficulties but staff working hard to overcome them, please have patience! Information
1911-11-221 Flu vaccinations continue to be an issue nationally, but anybody entitled to one should contact the surgery to make an appointment. Information
1911-50 Finance & Administration
1911-50.222 The financial statement for November including receipts and payments was circulated to Cllrs and was APPROVED. Information
1911-50.223 10  payments totaling £3560.54 were APPROVED.  To comply with the requirements of the Transparency Code those in excess of £100 are listed below: Information
Bourtons Broadsheet – annual contribution – £170.00
K C Graphics – web site charges – £534.00
Fenestram – final payment for CH blinds – £774.00
Dukes Fire Safety Ltd – fire safety equipment for CH – £969.60
Mr G Barrett – refurbishment of Burial Ground gates – £250.00
1911-50.224 Nearly £9k has now been spent on capital equipment to equip the Community Hall as planned and a transfer is required from our reserves to support this. It was RESOLVED to process this transfer as requested by the Clerk. Clerk
1911-50.225 The draft budget circulated to Cllrs earlier was discussed and the Clerk’s recommendation to increase the Parish precept requirement by 3% or £355.00 is equivalent to approximately £1.06p per annum per household.  This increase is required to counter continuing inflation and the ongoing desire to transfer more services by District and County authorities.  This will make the total Parish precept charge cost individual households approx £35 per annum. Information
1911-60 Planning
1911-60.226 Planning applications
19/02366/F : Mr & Mrs Boxall, Holly Cottage, Main Street, GB : 2 storey side extn + double garage with room above : RESOLVED to support this application. Information
No new decisions have been  received. Information
Enforcement matters
No further updates. Information
1911-70 Correspondence
1911-70.227 Agenda received for CDC Parish liaison meeting on 13/11/19.  Chairman & Clerk to attend. Information
1911-70.228 The request to plan for celebration of VE day in May 2020 will be considered, and residents will be consulted via Broadsheet, website and social media for their ideas. Chairman
1911-80 New business
1911-80.229 Tree planting proposal presented and reported in Public Participation session ad was discussed with Cllrs confirming decisions taken to support principle of tree planting and support further investigation for further suitable sites. Information
1911-90 County & District Councillors report
1911-90.228 Separation from SNCC now complete. Information
Date of next meeting : Tuesday January 14th at 7.30pm in the Community Hall.
Meeting closed at 21:20  hrs
Minutes drafted by the Clerk  on 13/11/19.

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