Parish Council meeting minutes March 2017

Minutes of the meeting held at the Village Hall, Great Bourton on                                                                Tuesday March 7th  2017 at 19:30
Present : Cllr Mrs S E Lesczcynski (Chairman), Cllr Mrs S Upton (Vice Chairman), Cllrs A Johnson, C Upton, T Sowler, D Walker, CDC DCllr K Atack
Apologies : OCC C Cllr G Reynolds [holiday]
Declarations of Interest : None
Public Participation : Three members of the public were in attendance.
Minutes : The minutes of the previous meeting (January 2017) were received, APPROVED and signed.
Minute ref Item Delegated to
1703.01. Footpaths – Progress Report
1703-01.76 The footpath warden had submitted his report to the Chairman. Footpaths 4,5,12,13,14,& 15 were all reported as well walk-able, although  little muddy due to inclement weather.  A couple of points about way-mark signs and the bridge at the junction of FP15 and Cropredy 2 requiring a step will be brought to the attention of the OCC rights-of-way officer. Clerk
1703-01.77 The Chairman reported that the field behind the Plough Inn in LB has been cleared and the footpath remains walk able. Information
1703-01.78 Cllr Johnson has received reports from residents that a dog is regularly running loose on the land at The Paddocks on Main Street and is causing concern to walkers wishing to use footpath 138/8.  This will be reported to the OCC rights-of-way officer. Clerk
1703-02 Highways & Road defects – Progress Report
1703-02.79 Cllr Mrs Upton reported that no response had been received from OCC advising of the date for the highways inspection scheduled for March.  This will be followed up. Cllr Mrs Upton
1703-02.80 The meeting noted that the drain cover in Main Street,opposite the bell-tower, has now been permanently repaired. Information
1703-02.81 Cllr Johnson commented that the apparent success of the FixMyStreet website in getting a response from OCC regarding significant potholes was welcomed but it can hardly be the most cost effective method and expressed a view that it be brought to the attention of our local MP. Clerk
1703-03 Village benches – Progress Report
1703-03.82 The Chairman has spoken to Mr Howells regarding progress on bench restoration and he has promised to complete the work on the LB playground bench including  securing it to the ground.  The next task will be to look at the bench in Foxden Way. His invoice for work already completed is still awaited. Information
1703-03.83 Contact has been made with MB Landscapes with a view to appointing them as our preferred Public Space Contractor to attend to local issues as required.  This was AGREED. First jobs will be reinstatement of the LB playground dog bin and the GB Playground noticeboard. Cllr Mrs Upton       Clerk
1703-04 Defibrillators – Progress Report
1703-04.84 Great Bourton – inspection completed OK Information
1703-04.85 BT have responded negatively to our enquiry about adopting the former phone kiosk in GB and we have been advised that a private sale of the ground has been concluded with a neighbour. Information
1703-04.86 Little Bourton : Inspection completed OK. Information
1703-04.87 A completion certificate has now been received from BT regarding our adoption of the former phone kiosk in LB and it is now owned by the PC and will be added to our asset register.  It is in a neglected state and will be added to the list of jobs requiring attention.  A quote will be obtained for potential connection of the Defribrillator to the power supply in the kiosk at a later date. Clerk
1703-05 Website development – Progress Report.
1703-05.88 Cllr Upton would be pleased to receive more information from residents, local businesses and club organisers to keep the website up to date and useful.
1703-05.89 The possibility of acquiring a domain name for council emails has been explored and Cllrs will be circulated with a brief.  This would provide a more professional image to digital communications from the Council and will be discussed at the next meeting. Clerk
1703-06 Garners Field development – Progress Report
1703-06.90 The application was considered at the CDC February planning committee and after discussion was APPROVED.  The Chairman and Clerk attended the committee hearing.  The Council had submitted a letter to CDC confirming its objection to the increase in housing numbers on the site and requested a reduction.  This letter is in the public domain and can be viewed on the CDC Planning Portal or the Village website. Information
1703-06.91 It has been noted that 3 sections of the boundary hedge fronting Main Street have been lowered and covered with netting, to discourage birds from nesting, preventing clearance until autumn.  This is assumed to be where site entrances are to be located, but only the 2 entrances further from the A423 are included in the plan.  This will be clarified. Clerk
1703-06.92 Further work on concluding the financial arrangements regarding the permission remain outstanding, notably the s106 agreement and this will be published by CDC in the coming weeks. Information
1703-06.93  Comment has been made that the entrances from the site onto Main Street will create a potential problem of mud being transferred onto the highway.  It was confirmed that a condition of the permission is that the developer install wheel washing equipment during construction.  This will be monitored. Information
1703-07 Playgrounds & Public Spaces
1703-07.94 Great Bourton : Inspection completed OK. Information
1703-07.95 The noticeboard adjacent to the Playground is still missing.  This will be attended to as reported above. Information
1703-07.96 Little Bourton : Inspection completed OK. Information
1703-07.97 The Chairman had received reports from local residents that the homeless couple who had occupied the LB playground last year had returned and erected a tent and were in residence.  Liaison with the Police had little effect as they advised that they did not have sufficient powers to move them on, but it was eventually confirmed that a house had been allocated to them and they have now moved on. Information
1703-07.98 However considerable litter and waste remains in the hedgerow and will require attention.  Advice will be sought from CDC as to how to proceed. Clerk
1703-07.99 Cllr Johnson commented that this very sorry state of affairs regarding availability of housing for the homeless does reflect poorly on the District Council but he was pleased to note that a satisfactory conclusion has now been achieved. All Cllrs agreed. Information
1703-07.100 Cllr Johnson also raised the matter of the availability of local bye laws preventing overnight camping on the playground, and the public health implications of such occupation.  This will be investigated. Clerk
1703-07.101 Springclean update : it was AGREED that the period will be extended due to inclement weather last weekend. Information
1703-07.102 The contract with Complete Weed Control has been renewed at the same cost as last year for bi-annual spraying of footpaths and specific public areas to control weed growth. Information
1703-08 Allotments
1703-08.103 The Chairman was pleased to be able to report that legal completion had finally been achieved at the Claridges Piece allotment site, from 1st March 2017, and tenants had been advised that they could now have access and commence cultivation. Information
1703-08.104 Tenants have been provided with the passcode for the gate and will shortly receive their signed tenancy agreements. Information
1703-08.105 A few outstanding matters such as transfer of plants, trees and property from Stonepits, the provision of sheds and manure remain to be concluded, and Mr Hall will be pressed to do this urgently. Information
1703-09 Public transport
1703-09.106 At the meeting of N. Oxon parishes cluster, Cropredy, Mollington and Claydon councils also AGREED to commit to a trial period of a year  to subsidise the reinstatement of the dial-a-ride County Connect Service, on a revised area serving all these villages. The Chairman is to attend a further meeting with the representative of  County Connect on 9.3.2017. The investigations into the reported Johnsons bus running locally has only shown a Banbury- Radway-Kineton-Stratford bus so far. Information
1703-10 Village Hall
1703.10-107 Payment for the outstanding contribution to the cost of power for the Defibrillator installed at the Hall will be made this month. Information
1703-10.108 All requested quotations have now been received for the replacement of the heating system.  This included direct replacement of the oil fired boiler and consideration of an alternative electric heating system which was discounted due to cost. Information
1703-10.109 An analysis had been circulated to Cllrs and it was RESOLVED that the recommendation that the lowest cost quotation provided by Town & Country Plumbing & Heating be accepted.  A discussion with the VHMC and with Town & Country will take place to establish when the job will be done, as soon as possible but causing least disruption to regular hirers of the hall. Clerk
1703-10.110 Cllrs requested that the cost of an ongoing service agreement will be sought from Town & Country for further discussion with the VHMC. Clerk
1703-50 Finance & Administration
1703-50.111 A total of 8 payments totalling £3,175.06 were APPROVED.  In compliance with relevant regulations those in excess of £100 are detailed below. Information
1. Oxford Association of Local Councils [OALC] : annual subscription : £133.07
2. P Bradley Forestry: extensive tree pruning in Churchyard : £2,364.00
3. Burial Warden fee : £125.00
4. Churchyard mowing costs for half year : £312.50
5. Half year internal audit fee : £125.00
1703-50.112 The financial statement for February 2017 was presented and APPROVED.  All known payments due before year end had been included.  It was requested that future financial statements be circulated to Cllrs prior to the meeting to allow review prior to any necessary discussion, this was AGREED. Clerk
1703-10.113 Cllr Mrs Upton raised the question of the annual appraisal of the Clerk and it was AGREED that this would be conducted by the Chairman and Cllr Mrs Upton during April. Chairman         Cllr Mrs Upton
1703-50.114 The Chairman raised the upcoming Annual Parish Meeting to be held in April and the need to develop an Agenda. This is a meeting of residents of the parish, rather than a parish council meeting, but is usually called and chaired by the chair of the parish council.  Suggestions will be developed and circulated to Cllrs for their agreement. Chairman Clerk
1703-60 Planning applications
1703-60.115 No new planning applications have been received. Information
1703-60.116 It has been reported that work has commenced on the field opposite The Paddocks on Main Street with tree pruning taking place after the environmental deadline.  CDC are to be advised of the council’s concerns, including potential change of use. Clerk
1703-70 Correspondence
1703-70.117 A letter has been received from the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire requesting a meeting to discuss support for the Sheriffs’ 2017 theme of “The Plight of Unpaid Carers in Oxfordshire”.  We await further contact. Information
1703-70.118 A request for a grant towards to replacement of a digital projector has been received from The Bourtons Music Society.  This  was discussed and it was AGREED that, in line with our policy of supporting local activities we would contribute 50% of the cost, £167.00. under Sec. 137. Clerk
1703-80 New business
1703-80.119 Cllrs had attended the recent meetings regarding the retention of full services at the Horton Hospital in Banbury and Cropredy and noted how dire the current situation is.  The recommendation of both meetings was that residents should NOT respond to the questionnaire,which is biased, but write directly to the Oxford Clinical Commissioning Group, with a copy to their MP and to the Save the Horton group, and their GP surgery, expressing their views, as this carries more weight. Information
1703-80.120 The Chairman and Clerk recently attended the briefing provided by OCC regarding their proposal for One Oxfordshire, held in Banbury Town Hall.  It was noted that despite CDC making statements about their disagreement with the One Oxfordshire campaign, there is no alternative proposal being put forward.  It therefore seems inevitable that the One Oxfordshire proposal will be presented to the Secretary of State for his consideration.  Following this, there must be a brief period of public consultation, and it is at this time that residents opinions should be sent to all involved. Information
1703-80.121 The Electoral Roll has recently been updated by CDC but the Council is aware that not all changes in the village population have been noted.  Residents who have recently moved into either of our villages are encouraged to contact CDC to ensure that they are correctly recorded, as only they can request changes to the Roll. Information
1703-90 District & County Councillors report
1703-90.122 County Cllr Reynolds was not present so there was nothing to report from OCC.
1703-90.123 District Cllr Atack had nothing to report.
Date of next meeting : Tuesday April 4th  in the Village Hall, following after the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm.
Meeting closed at  22.15hrs
Minutes drafted by the Clerk on 08/03/17

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