Bourtons Parish Council – January 2021 Minutes

DRAFT Minutes of the VIRTUAL meeting held online on                                                                                                                Wednesday January 13th 2021 at 19:30
Note : The Local Authorities & Police & Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority & Police & Crime Panel Meetings) (England & Wales) Regulations 2020  allowed Parish Councils to convene their meetings virtually online.
In attendance online : Cllr Mrs S Upton (Chairman), A Johnson; D Drummond, & S Bowen (Clerk)  & Mrs H King                                      Apologies : DCllr G Reynolds  (business).
Declarations of Interest : None
Public Participation : NO  members of the public joined the meeting virtually.
Minutes : The previous Council meetings (November) minutes were received and APPROVED.
Minute ref Item Delegated to
2021-00.188 Following the resignation of Cllr Mrs Sally Leszczynski as a Cllr and Chairman, the first action of the meeting was to appoint a new Chairman.  Cllr Johnson proposed that Cllr Mrs Sue Upton was appointed as Chairman, this was seconded by Cllr Dave Drummond and unanimously approved.  Following on Cllr Drummond proposed that Cllr Johnson be appointed Vice Chair, this was seconded by the Chairman and unanimously approved. Information
2021-00.189 Follow her expression of interest in joining the Council, and after due consideration, Mrs Heather King was co-opted onto the Council, with unanimous approval.  The Clerk officially welcomed her. Information
2101-01 Footpaths – Progress Report
2101-01.190 Residents have again raised the matter of issues along footpath 138/8 where it joins the Cropredy road.  This has been reported to both the CDC Dog Warden and the Police who advise that they cannot act on third party reports, and will await any direct reports from walkers affected. Council will contact Beth Rutherford (OCC Officer) for an update and PCSO will be asked to keep a  watching brief. Clerk
2101-02 Highways & Road defects – Progress Report
2101-02.191 The OCC Highways inspector attended this week to review previously marked potholes and advised that OCC had been invoiced by the third party contractor for this work although it had visibly not been completed.  A further visit will be planned when the Chairman will accompany her and make sure all serious holes are identified and promptly attended. Chairman
2101-02.192 The order for speed reduction signs has been chased with OCC and will be monitored.  The intention is that they will be fitted in February. Clerk
2101-04 Defibrillators – Progress Report
2101-04.193 GB unit OK.  Following the resignation of the former Chairman, a new monitor for the LB unit is required.  It is mounted on the wall of the Plough and the landlord has been very supportive; Council will try & continue this arrangement. Clerk
2101-05 Website development – Progress Report.
2101-05.194 An estimate has been received from K C Graphics and a further quote will be sought from Vision ICT, our official email provider. Clerk
2101-06 Projects : Garners Field
2101-06.195 The LAP remains closed; but a meeting is scheduled between Hayfield and CDC.  An update regarding the transfer to CDC has been requested, and once this is complete the Parish will confirm its interest in assuming responsibility. Clerk
2101-06.196 Reports have been received from residents that they are experiencing leaks from the artificial chimneys.  The Clerk has advised that the Parish cannot intervene as this is a contractual matter between residents and Hayfield who we understand are now fully engaged in resolving the matter with those involved. Information
2101-06.197 A request has been received from some residents enquiring if the footpath that joins Main Street near the junction with Southam Road could either be protected with a pedestrian gate or be closed off.  Further action on this matter will be explored once the transfer of the public space land to CDC has been completed.   Cllr King also advised that the GF residents involvement in the grounds management company had yet to be initiated and this will be followed up. Cllr King      Clerk
2101-07 Playgrounds & Public Spaces
2101-07.198 The need for a new Playground Warden has been identified following the resignation of Cllr Clive Upton last year.  This was discussed and the matter will be investigated.  Cllr King expressed her interest in monitoring the GB playground and the LAP and a schedule of regular checks will be developed by the Chairman.  The issue of the LB playground will continue to be monitored. Information
2101-07.199 For the foreseeable months it is anticipated that safety notices will be required in the playgrounds and it was RESOLVED to authorise the purchase of appropriate permanent plastic signs up to a max value of £200.  Further notices about the adult gym equipment at LB being closed by Government instruction due to Covid will also be required. Chairman
2101-08 Allotments
2101-08.200 The tenants of Plot 21 are understood to have moved out of LB and will no longer be eligible to hold a plot.  An email has been sent to confirm their situation. Clerk
2101-08.201 The role of liaising with the Allotment committee was formerly handled by Mrs Sally Leszczynski as the now retired Chairman.  She has kindly agreed to continue in this capacity and this was endorsed by Council. Information
2101-09 Public transport
2101-09.202 The funds transfer from OCC of the s106 agreement monies in support of local public transport has now been received, and the initial previously agreed payment of £5k to Ability CIC to support the acquisition of a further minibus will be made.  Council would be interested in hearing from any residents who have ideas about further regular services that could be investigated, perhaps such as a once a week route to the JR hospital to enable residents to visit patients, or perhaps shop in Oxford. Clerk
2101-10 Village Hall
2101-10.203 The badly leaking guttering repair has been decided and will be fixed once dry weather occurs to allow the fix to be secured.  The damage to the oil tank cover has been inspected and a fix using aluminium checker plate will be arranged. Chairman         Clerk
Community Hall: Information
2101-10.204 The draft lease has now been returned with comments and is now with our solicitors to be finalised. Clerk
2101-10.205 The issues with the unsatisfactory performance of the heating system continue and an expert report has been commissioned from a firm independent of construction project managers with a heating efficiency division.  The survey visit has been completed and the report is awaited.  This will then be discussed with Hayfield to try and reach a conclusion.  CDC are involved in trying to resolve the car park drive surface issue and an update is expected soon. Clerk
2101-11 Healthcare
2101-10.206 No further progress on the retention of a consultant lead Maternity Unit at the Horton.  Cropredy Surgery have confirmed that they are working with Windrush Surgery and have established a vaccination centre at Grimsbury Community Hall and will be contacting qualifying patients to make appointments.  Patients are asked NOT to contact the surgery but to wait to be approached with an appointment date. Information
2101-50 Finance & Administration
2101-50.207 The financial report for December & January including receipts and payments had been previously circulated to Cllrs and was APPROVED. Information
2101-50.208 8 payments totalling £6,747.17 were APPROVED.  To comply with the requirements of the Transparency Code those in excess of £100 are listed below: Information
Castle Water; payment on account for allotment water £200.00
Moore; external audit fee £240.00
Ability CIC; 1st contribution towards further minibus £5,000.00.  Note this payment is paid from the funds transfer received from OCC referred to above in minute 2101-09.202 Information
2101-50.209 The previously presented budget which was reviewed in November was APPROVED together with a small increase in the Precept of £250.00 which represents 2%.  DCllr Chapman reported that the budget at CDC level is seriously challenged by Covid related losses.  PCllrs discussed the reasons for the increase proposed and commented that there will be continuing pressure from CDC & OCC for the continued transfer of services to lower their Councils and we should ensure we are prepared for all eventualities. Clerk
2101-50.210 The Clerk informed Council that our current Internal Auditor has been in hospital for a significant period last year, and is now not contactable despite numerous attempts and similar experiences by other Clerks.  This will mean that we will need to resource a new Auditor and this was APPROVED. Clerk
2101-50.211 The saga with Castle Water continues and Cllr Johnson presented the case for sending a legal letter to them expressing our concerns and repeating that we will pay any account rendered, providing it is supported by realistic estimates or accurate meter readings, and that questions asked by us of them are answered.  This was APPROVED. Clerk
2101-50.212 Work continues on progressing registration of Council owned land with the Land Registry in partnership with our former Chairman to ensure we capture her significant knowledge. Clerk
2101-50.213 The Chairman updated the meeting on the Winter Resilience draft plan, and mentioned the need for identification of the location of our grit bins.  Cllr King offered to help with this task. Chairman          Cllr King
2101-60 Planning applications
2100-60.214 New Applications Information
20/03301/F : Sharawle, Main Street, GB : new porch, dormers, etc, part resubmission.  This was discussed and it was noted that 2 live enforcement notices are active at this property that reference matters included in this application.  Council will OBJECT to this application and comment on the notices.
20/03385/F : Ta Megara, Chapel Lane, LB : extensions.  SUPPORT
20/03376/F : Stanwell Lane Cottages, Stanwell Lane, GB : erection of 2 x agricultural barns.  Significant comment has been received from residents.  There is a reported Roman Villa in the vicinity and this will be mentioned in our OBJECTION.
No new decisions received
2101-60.215 Enforcement matters
20/01808/F : Development of 3 bungalows behind School Lane, GB : there has been a reported non compliance with the approved plans which is being investigated by Enforcement.  CDC have rejected the report and the matter is being referred to the Local Government Ombudsman by a resident. Information
19/00161/ENFC : Sharawle, Main Street, GB : enforcement notice has been served; this has potential significance for 20/03301/F above Information
2101-70 Correspondence
No new correspondence has been received.
2101-80 New business
No other new business was discussed.
2101-90/91 County & District Councillors report
2101-91.216 DCllr Chapman updated Council on the state of the CDC budget planning process where great concern is being expressed about the significant reduction in income and increase in costs due to Covid. Information
Date of next meeting : Wednesday February 10th at 7.30pm as a virtual meeting unless current guidance is changed.
Meeting closed at 21:30
Minutes drafted by the Clerk  on 12/01/21.
Cllr Mrs S Upton, Chairman

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