Bourtons’ Parish Council – Meeting Minutes September ’19

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 Minutes of the meeting held in All Saints Church, North Aisle , Great Bourton on                                                                                                        Tuesday September 10th 2019 at 19:30
Present : Cllr Mrs S E Leszczynski (Chairman),  Cllrs Mrs S Upton, C Upton, D Walker, D Drummond
In attendance : S Bowen (Clerk),  Apologies : Cllr Johnson (holiday)
Declarations of Interest : None     Public Participation : There were NO members of the public in attendance.
Minutes : The previous Council meetings (July) minutes were received and APPROVED.
Minute ref Item Delegated to
1909-01 Footpaths – Progress Report
1909-01.134 The footpath warden is currently indisposed.  Cllrs will walk some footpaths but residents are requested to advise the Clerk of any concerns they observe. Information
1909-01.135 Information received regarding the condition of the footpath 138/4 and 5 from Manor Road and 15 will be reported to OCC for their action, Information
1909-02 Highways & Road defects – Progress Report
1909-02.136 More potholes have been marked for attention by OCC, some have been repaired.  The next highways inspection is now due. Information
1909-02.137 Work is expected to start on repairing Crow Lane this month. Information
1909-02.138 The damaged brick footpath in Manor Road has been re-reported to OCC for repair. Information
1909-02.139 Concerns regarding the verge mowing undertaken by OCC have been received.  Many areas in the villages seem to have been missed and these are now causing serious safety concerns.  This will be reported to OCC and urgent action requested.  Inadequate verge maintenance should also be reported on FixMyStreet when safety is at risk. Clerk
1909-04 Defibrillators – Progress Report
1909-04.140 Both machines inspected and working OK.  The light in LB machine is to be checked. Chairman
1909-05 Website development – Progress Report.
1909-05.141 Work continues to complete the new pages for the Community Hall. Information
1909-06 Garners Field development – Progress Report
1909-06.142 All houses now sold and Hayfield have vacated the site. Information
1909-06.143 The request from CDC for this Council to adopt the new LAP [local area of play] was considered.  Recognising that any future problems with this area will always be reported to the PC, it was RESOLVED to accept the adoption following transfer of the commuted sum for maintenance from CDC, and provision of full information about the equipment installed and a copy of the installation report. Clerk
1909-07 Playgrounds & Public Spaces
1909-07.144 Both playgrounds inspected; GB condition excellent with no litter.  Thanks expressed to local resident who maintains the area. Information
1909-07.145 LB playground has some litter and evidence of use of illegal substances near shelter.  This will be reported to the local PCSO’s for further investigation. Clerk
1909-07.146 The annual safety inspection report has been received from RoSPA.  A small amount of attention is required to some of the wooden equipment supports and the supplier will be contacted for their advice.  An error in the report will be notified to RoSPA for correction. Clerk       Chairman
1909-08 Allotments
1909-08.147 A new resident has joined the waiting list which now stands at 3, Information
1909-09 Public transport
1909-09.148 A meeting has been arranged with OCC and neighbouring Parishes to explore possible options for a new community transport service. Information
1909-10 Village & Community Hall
1909-10.149 A meeting has been arranged with the VHMC to discuss options regarding the future of the Committee in the light that a number pf trustees wish to resign. Information
1909-10.150  Following discussion it was RESOLVED that the informal Community Hall Steering Group  be formally constituted as a sub-committee of this Council, Information
1909-10.151 The legal process to transfer the new Hall to the Parish is now complete but concerns have been expressed about the condition of the grounds as Hayfield have done no maintenance since their July opening event.  This has been reported but still no action has been taken.  Following discussion is was RESOLVED that we will write to Hayfield and our solicitors advising that transfer cannot take place until the grounds have been put into a satisfactory condition for handover. Clerk
1909-10.152 A defect register has been created to provide a mechanism for reporting issues to Hayfield that require resolution under the 12 months guarantee period.  This will be updated monthly. Information
1909-11 Healthcare
1909-11.153 In the absence of Cllr Johnson a brief written update was provided that advised HOSC meeting at end of the month; the decision to relocate and privatise PET-CT scanner by OUH Trust has been reversed and it will now remain at the Churchill.  No update from Cropredy Surgery re new doctors. Information
1909-50 Finance & Administration
1909-50.154 The financial report for August & September  including receipts and payments had been previously circulated to Cllrs and was APPROVED.   This report now includes details of capital spend on equipment for the CH and a budget monitor. Information
1909-50.155 17 payments totaling £11,513.21 were APPROVED.  To comply with the requirements of the Transparency Code those in excess of £100 are listed below : Information
09/07/19 : Clerk : reimbursement of 6 months expenses : £185.71
09/07/19 : Mr G Barrett : repairs to benches : £120.00
16/07/19 : SW Services : grass cutting in June : £375.00
26/07/19 : Church Buying Group : Tables & chairs for CH : £6150.66
01/08/19 : Fenestram Blinds : 50% deposit for Blinds for CH : £775.00
01/08/19 : Nisbets : Crockery for CH : £1806.43
15/08/19 : SW Services : July grass cutting : £375.00
15/08/19 : Playsafety Ltd : Playgrounds safety inspections : £ 240.00
10/09/19 : J A Electrics : essential electrical work at VH : £399.60
10/09/19 : SW Services : August grass cutting : £250.00
1909-50.156 An error in correctly reporting the status of the Poors Land Trust has arisen.  Investigation to be completed and an updated report is to be filed with the external auditor. Information
1909-50.157 Following discussions with D Cllr re his generous offer of a grant towards the refurbishment of the Parish Clock this application will now be submitted. Information
1909-52.158 Letter received from our internal auditor requesting reappointment received with a significant increase in fees.  Following discussion this will be raised with other local Clerks to see what alternatives exist.  If none is found then a request for future fees to be fixed for a period will be requested. Information
1909-60 Planning
1909-60.159 New applications
Advice received from Mr Lombard that he has submitted his application for 3 houses off School Lane, but not yet circulated by CDC for consideration. Information
1909-60.160 Decisions
19/01533/AGN : New agricultural barn at Bourton Fields Farm : APPROVED Information
Enforcement matters
No update
1909-70 Correspondence
1909-70-161 Email received from  Bourtons Broadsheet editor requesting increase in contribution to cover rising publication costs.  Further information to be requested, Clerk
1909-70.162 Email received promoting CPRE.  It was RESOLVED that Council should support their aims and an application will be submitted. Clerk
1909-80 New Business
No new business was discussed.
1909-90 County & District Councillors report
DCllrs participated during relevant topics as reported.
Date of next meeting : Tuesday October 8th at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.or The Bourtons Community Hall, to be confirmed.
Meeting closed at 21:30  hrs
Minutes drafted by the Clerk  on 11/09/19.
Cllr Mrs S Leszczynski, Chairman

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