Draft Minutes of the Bourtons Parish Council for September

DRAFT Minutes of the meeting held at the Village Hall, Great Bourton on                                                                                      Tuesday September 5th 2017 at 19:30
Present : Cllr Mrs S E Leszczynski (Chairman),  Cllrs Mrs S Upton, A Johnson, C Upton, D Walker,  , S Bowen (Clerk)
Apologies : CDC DCllr K Atack (relocated)  , Cllr T Sowler, OCC & DCllr G Reynolds
Declarations of Interest : None
Public Participation : There was 1 member of the public in attendance.
Minutes : The previous meeting (July) minutes were received and APPROVED.
Minute ref Item Delegated to
1709-.01. Footpaths – Progress Report
1709-01.275 No updates have been received from the Footpath Warden who is temporarily unavailable.  Local residents are encouraged to report any footpath concerns directly to the PC. Information
1709-01.276 Work at the former sewage treatment works off Main Street between GB and Cropredy to make the site safe have now been completed by Thames Water, who also undertake to routinely monitor the site in the future.  The Council will formally write to TW thanking them for their action and support. Clerk
1709-02 Highways & Road defects – Progress Report
1709-02.277 The delayed road condition inspection has again been deferred due to the recently appointed local inspector being reassigned.  A replacement has now been appointed and has confirmed that the inspection will take place this month.  The situation will be monitored. Cllr Mrs S Upton
1709-02.278 The matter of parking outside the school on Station Road in Cropredy has been discussed with Cropredy PC and they have updated the Council. With the new 60 house development apparently not going ahead, there does not appear to be a viable solution.  Work continues on exploring other possible solutions including the potential of using school land for the parking of staff cars which will be raised with the school Governors at their next meeting. Cllr A Johnson
1709-02.279 The layby adjacent to LB playground has been resurfaced with planings. The dog bin there will have to be replaced as the lock is broken and the bin cannot be emptied. Information
1709-03 Village benches – Progress Report
1709-03.280 4 benches have now been refurbished.  Further materials are being ordered to enable completion of the remainder. Clerk
1709-04 Defibrillators – Progress Report
1709-04.281 Both machines have been inspected and are in good working order with nothing to report. Information
1709-05 Website development – Progress Report.
1709-05.282 Operating fine, nothing to report. Information
1709-06 Garners Field development – Progress Report
1709-06.283 Work has commenced and the early stages of constructing the access road are under way. Information
1709-06.284 Mud has been reported on Main Street this week following the heavy rain.  The Council will write to Hayfield Homes [HH] reminding them of their responsibility to keep the highway clear of mud and that the agreed precautions must be put in place with immediate effect. Clerk
1709-06.285 Discussions have taken place with CDC regarding the naming of the new development road.  It has been AGREED that this will be called Garners Field, with houses numbered 1 – 43. Information
1709-06.286 It has been AGREED that the Council will form an informal working group to work with HH on finalising the specification of the new Community Hall.  Any matter requiring decisions to be taken will be referred back to the Council.  The working group will be chaired by the PC Chairman and comprise 3 Councillors and 2 residents. Information
1709-07 Playgrounds & Public Spaces
1709-07.287 GB : the roof of the wooden shelter has again been vandalised during the school holidays rendering it unsafe.  It has been DECIDED that the shelter will not be repaired or replaced but that the roof structure will be removed permanently and the seating and bench will remain, if they can be made safe. Clerk
1709-07.288 GB : it was noted that the grass is very long and our mowing contractor will be contacted requesting urgent attention.  The approved hooks will be obtained to peg out the back of the goal net, now that the seat has been moved. Clerk
1709-07.289 GB : the recently replaced rubbish bin has also been vandalised by trying to wrench it from the mounting post.  Parents are respectfully requested to please put picnic remains and used disposable nappies directly in the wheelie bin by the gate! Information
1709-07.290 LB : litter around the shelter has become a problem again.  Parents are requested to remind their children that they should dispose of all rubbish in the bin provided, to help keep that area clean and tidy for other users. Information
1709-07.291 3 potential providers of maintenance support for the Gym equipment have been identified and quotes for their services are awaited.  Part of the problem with the Gym equipment is under utilisation, allowing it to become stiff, and adult residents of all ages are encouraged to make use of this facility provided by your Council. Cllr Mrs S Upton
1709-08 Allotments
1709-08.292 A further application has been received and there are now only 2 plots remaining. Information
1709-08.293 A query about the boundaries of the new site has been identified during the Land Registry process and this is being resolved. Clerk
1709-08.294 The gate access padlock has become worn and it was DECIDED that it will be replaced. Clerk
1709-08.295 Concern has been raised about the maintenance of certain plots and this will be taken up by the Allotment Tenants Committee and the Chairman directly with the tenants concerned. Chairman
1709-08.296 It has been noted that one of the plot access gates has been modified.  It is important that any modifications are authorised by the Council & the Tenants Committee to ensure tht the integrity of the rabbit proof fencing is not compromised.  The Rules and Obligations contained in the Tenancy Agreement will be modified accordingly. Clerk
1709-08.297 A tenant of the allotments has offered to fund the planting of a number of fruit trees for the benefit of tenants and this will be discussed at a site meeting to be arranged later this month. Chairman
1709-09 Public transport
1709-09.298 It is noted that there has been limited useage of the new County Connect service since its inception.  It is felt that this may be due to limited publicity and the Council will arrange for a flyer to be inserted in the future edition of the Broadsheet. Cllr Mrs S Upton
1709-10 Village Hall
1709-10.299 Nothing to report. Information
1709-11 Healthcare
1709-11.300 It has been noted that the potential changes to the Horton Hospital have been referred to The Secretary of State and it has been DECIDED that the Council should write to the relevant authorities expressing its support for the continuation of all services at the Horton Hospital to support the community Cllr A Johnson
1709-11.301 Correspondence has been received regarding potential changes to the status of the local area related to the provision of dispensing services.  The Council is concerned that any such changes do not impact on our excellent dispensary at the Cropredy Surgery and will speak with the Practice Manager to see if any action is required. Clerk
1709-50 Finance & Administration
1709-50.302 The financial statement for JULY/AUGUST 2017 was received and APPROVED. Information
1709-50.303 A total of 9 payments totalling £5130.47 in August and Septemeber were APPROVED. In compliance with relevant regulations those exceeding £100 are detailed below :
Playsafety Ltd : annual playground inspections : £231.00
Parkland Fencing Ltd : repairs to Burial Ground fencing & gates : £714.00
MB Landscaping : LB playground layby resurfacing and other works : £2385.00
SW Services : Mowing : £585.00
Valuation Office Agency : valuation work in 2013 regarding the former Stonepits allotment site and the new site : £492.92
1709-60 Planning applications
1709-60.304 New applications Information
17/01547/F 7 Church Close, GB : 2 storey extension
17/01593/F 4 The Close, GB : front & rear extensions
1709-60.305 Decisions Information
17/01136/F 8 Manor Close, GB : Extend porch & rear access : GRANTED
17/00667/REM Garners Field, 33 dwelling reserved matters application : WITHDRAWN
1709-60.306 No further information has been received from CDC Planning Enforcement regarding the siting of a mobile home on land between Great Bourton & Cropredy, which may be permitted as a site hut for construction workers, and the Council will write to CDC again requesting their decision. Clerk
1709-70 Correspondence
1709-70.307 Following the reporting of a potentially abandonned vehicle at the bottom of Main Street, it has been noted that the vehicle has been removed. Information
1709-70.308 A letter has been received from the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum regesting a donation towards their Great War exhibition.  IT has been DECIDED that this does not fall within the Counci’s remit and they will be advised accordingly. Clerk
1709-70.309 A letter has been received from Better Broadband for Oxfordshire advising that they potentially have funds available to support access to improved Broadband speeds in  rural communities if the recent fibre upgrade has not reached their premises. If any residents feel this could be helpful to them, please contact the Council for further details. Information
1709-70.310 A request has been received from Mollington Scout Group asking about hire charges for the new Community Hall and for help in promoting the group.  The Council has replied that details of the new Hall’s hire charges have yet to be agreed as the Hall handover is more than a year away, but they will be added to the list of potential users.  It was pointed out that the Scout Group is already promoted on The Bourtons website. Information
1709-80 New business
1709-80.311 No new business was discussed Information
1709-90 County Councillors report
1709-90.312 With no Councillor attending on behalf of the County no information is available at this time. Information
1709.91 District Councillors report
1709-90.313 With no Councillor attending on behalf of the District no information is available at this time. Information
Date of next meeting : Tuesday  October 3rd in the Village Hall, at 7.30pm.
Meeting closed at 21:15 hrs
Minutes drafted by the Clerk on 06/09/17.
Cllr Mrs S Leszczynski, Chairman

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