Draft minutes of the April Parish Council Meeting

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DRAFT Minutes of the meeting held at the Village Hall, Great Bourton on                                                                                                               Tuesday April 10th 2018 at 20:00 (Following Annual Parish Meeting)
Present : Cllr Mrs S E Leszczynski (Chairman),  Cllrs  A Johnson, C Upton, T Sowler ,
In attendance : S Bowen (Clerk), CCllr/DCllr G Reynolds, DCllr D  Webb.  Apologies : Cllr Mrs Sue Upton (Away), Cllr Dan Walker (Illness)
Declarations of Interest : None
Public Participation : There were no members of the public in attendance.
Minutes : The previous meeting (March) minutes were received and APPROVED.
Minute ref Item Delegated to
1804-01 Footpaths – Progress Report
1803-01.001 No new reports have been received from wardens. Information
1804-01.002 Confirmation received from OCC re meeting at Peewit Farm to review footpaths with landowner.  Clerk to invite our footpath warden. Clerk
1804-02 Highways & Road defects – Progress Report
1804-02.003 The very damaged condition of Foxden Way and connecting local roads following its use as a diversion during the closure of Main Street has been reported to OCC for their urgent action.  No reply received and this will be urgently expedted. Clerk
1804-02.004 Meeting scheduled to review position on HGV’s & car transporters using local roads to access Chipping Warden airfield site,(aka Appletree Industrial Estate, which causes misrouteing) with OCC to investigate possible signage. Information
1804-03 Village benches – Progress Report
1804-03.005 Update required on completion of project and related works. Clerk
1804-04 Defibrillators – Progress Report
1804-04.006 Both defibrillators working OK.  It was reported that the GB unit had the power from the village hall accidently turned off and a solution to this will be investigated. Clerk
1804-05 Website development – Progress Report.
1804-05.007 With Cllr Mrs Upton being away no update available. Information
1804-05.008 The urgent need for training on uploading information was identified at the APM and this will be discussed with the provider. Clerk    Chairman
1804-06 Garners Field development – Progress Report
1804-06.009 Details of agreed “gateway” feature received from HH.  PC would prefer sloping style and plastic rather than timber for better durability.  To be queried with HH. Clerk
1804-06.010 Showroom & sales office now open.  Villagers are welcome to visit and view showhome. Information
1804-07 Playgrounds & Public Spaces
1804-07.011 GB inspection : all good and very tidy. Information
1804-07.012 Wheelie bin docking station still requies installation, to be expedited. Clerk
1804-07.013 LB inspection : all good and very tidy. Information
1804-07.014 Damaged dog bin requires removal. Clerk
1804-07.015 Servicing of adult gym equipment  to be arranged with agreed contractor. Clerk
1804-08 Allotments
1804-08.016 No new applications. Information
1804-09 Public transport
1804-09.017 Confirmation received that County Connect service will finally cease in July.  2017/18 invoice now received from NCC. Information
1804-10 Village Hall
1804-10.018 Meeting held with VHMC regarding opening of Community Hall and discussions about future plans. Joint news release agreed for publication in Broadsheet & website. Information
1804-10.019 Quote still awaited for oil tank cover repair, to be expedited. Clerk
1804-11 Healthcare
1804-11.020 Letter sent to Victoria Prentis MP re need for obstricians to be on overseas visa list.  Reply confirming she is discussiing with Health & Home Secretaries. Information
1804-11.021 Letter sent to OCCG re Horton & need to retain consultant led materity unit.  Reply received.  Detailed report provided to APM Information
1804-50 Finance & Administration
1804-50.022 The financial statement for March was received and APPROVED. Information
1804-50.023 A total of 4 payments totalling £994.38 were APPROVED. In compliance with the Transparency Code regulations those in excess of £100 are detailed below : Information
– CDC : dog bin emptying : £384.38
– Mr Geoff Barrett : gravestone safety work : £110.00 (note : previous cheque lost in post & cancelled, this is replacement)
– NCC : County Connect contribution fee : £450.00
1804-52 Policies & Procedures
1804-52.024 New Data Protection policy received and APPROVED. Information
1804-54 Data Protection
1804-54.025 Data Protectin audit completed circulated and APPROVED. Information
1804-60 Planning applications
1804-60.026 New applications Information
17/01044/F Monte Blackburn : amendments to M40 services application deleting hotel and changing access.  It was RESOLVED to input objections.
1804-60.027 Decisions Information
18/00004/F : Mrs Ryder, 8 Uplands Rise, LB APPROVED
18/00268/F – Mr & Mrs Evans, Pennybuckle Cottage, Church Clse, GB, APPROVED
1804-70 Correspondence
1804-70.028 Note received describing difficulties in exiting Chapel Lane, LB onto Southam Road due to cars parked in bus layby.  Enquiries to be made to confirm if parking restrictions apply. Clerk
1804-80 New business
1804-80.029 Advance information to be published regarding ticketing process for Fairport Convention. Chairman
1804-90 County Councillors report
1804-90.030 No new updates provided. Information
1804.91 District Councillors report
1804-91.031 No new updates provided. Information
Date of next meeting : Tuesday May 8th in the Village Hall, at 7.30pm.  Note : AGM will precede Council meeting and start at 7.00pm
Meeting closed at 21:50  hrs
Minutes drafted by the Clerk on 11/04/18.

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