Draft Minutes of the July ’18 Parish Council Meeting

DRAFT Minutes of the meeting held at the Village Hall, Great Bourton on                                                                                                                Tuesday July 10th 2018 at 19:30
Present : Cllr Mrs S E Leszczynski (Chairman),  Cllrs Mrs S Upton, A Johnson, C Upton, D Walker.
In attendance : Ms K Drummond (Acting Clerk), CCllr/DCllr G Reynolds  Apologies : DCllrs D Webb & P Chapman
Declarations of Interest : None
Public Participation : There was 1 member of the public in attendance.
Minutes : The previous meeting (June) minutes were received and APPROVED.
Minute ref Item Delegated to
Public Participation The property being built adjacent to Foxden was raised by a member of the public, who expressed disappointment in the lack of enforcement of planning rules, namely that the height of the building had not adhered to the planning application, and their perception that the enforcement order had been ‘abandoned’ by the District Council.  They would be making their own direct representation to CDC Planning department.  They also stated that they would be investigating recent planning applications and the enforcement of such, to see if a trend was developing. Information
1807-01 Footpaths – Progress Report
1807-01.103 The new OCC Countryside Access Officer (Beth Rutterford) has replied to the query re 138/8 to say an inspection will be done.  There has been no further progress re Peewitt Farm reported. Another site meeting is required.  There was no further report from the footpath warden. Information
1807-02 Highways – progress report
1807-02.104 A Summer 2018 Maintenance Factsheet has been received, which has been put on the Bourtons website with a reminder to people to use the Fix My Street site to report potholes. Information
1807-02.105 The next inspection of the village is due at the end of August. Information
1808-02.106 DCllr Reynolds said that pothole repair has been extended such that any potholes in the close vicinity to one being repaired will be dealt with even if they haven’t reached the required depth. Information
1807-03 Village benches – Progress Report
1807-03.107 Cllr Leszczynski suggested that the contractors be contacted to speed the completion of work up, and discuss whether they are still willing to fulfil the contract. An update on the progress of work will be provided. Clerk
1807-04 Defibrillators – Progress Report
1807-04.108 Cllr Walker has spoken to the new owners of The Plough who have agreed to the positioning of the defibrillator in Little Bourton on the back wall of the pub for at least the next 6 months, to be reviewed if they have work done that may obstruct it. The defibrillator in Great Bourton is in working order. Information
1807-05 Website development – Progress Report.
1807-05.109 The parish council paid for an extra hour with the website designer and the website is now up to date with all policy documents. Information
1807-06 Garners Field development – Progress Report
1807-06.110 A meeting is being held with the Technical Director on Wednesday 11 July which Cllrs Leszczynski and S Upton will attend to discuss what has been agreed for the new village hall, and to enquire as to a completion date. Chairman
1807-07 Playgrounds & Public Spaces
1807-07.111 GB inspection : All equipment working OK.  Littering is a problem and the Green bin has gone missing again!.  A security post acquired earlier will now be urgently installed so that the replacement bin can be secured.  This will required unlocking/relocking creating further work unless the CDC operators are able to do this : to be investigated. Clerk
1807-07.112 LB inspection :  All equipment working OK but littering also a problem here.  Photos of the extent of the problem to be put on village website to try and discourage offenders. Information
1807-08 Allotments
1807-08.113 All plots are now let, one plot is soon to be vacated so a waiting list will be created.
1807-08.114 There is a problem with the water supply, in that when more than one hoses are being used the pressure drops to an unacceptable level. This will be investigated  to see if the stopcock is fully turned on, and whether a bigger supply pipe is required. Cllr C Upton
1807-09 Public transport
1807-09.115 The transport needs survey has been modified and will be ready for circulation soon. This will be available on the website and a hard copy will be inserted in the August edition of the Broadsheet.  Anyone who does not get a copy and wants one is asked to contact the council. Information
1807-09.116 There has been no response from the companies who serve Hanwell Fields and the crematorium regarding extending the service to Great Bourton, although it has been identified that a ‘turn round’ area  may be an issue.  This is being followed up by Community First Oxfordshire on our behalf. Information
1807-09.117 Banbury dial-a-ride are operating from Cropredy to Tesco’s on alternate Mondays leaving at 9am and returning at 10.30am, there is capacity on this service that could be taken up by Bourtons’ residents. Information
1807-09.118 Oxfordshire Comet service the Bourtons but it was noted that nobody in the parish has registered for this service. It is available once a week between 10am and 2pm.  Information on registering to be placed on village website. Cllr Mrs Upton
1807-09.119 Cllr Leszczynski said that more clarity was needed from OCC Transport Department  on what the potential Sec 106 money for improving public transport to Great Bourton could actually be spent on, and if it could be used towards supporting existing community transport schemes that serve this area. Chairman
1807-10 Village Hall
1807-10.120 The Community Hall working group needs to extend its membership and evolve into a management committee, as discussed with Tessa Hall, Community Halls Advisor from Oxon Community First.  Some interest has been shown by residents within the parish; a decision will be made after the meeting mentioned above. Chairman & working group
1807-10.121 The date for a liaison meeting with the Village Hall committee will also be discussed after this meeting. Chairman
1807-50 Finance & Administration
1807-50.122 The financial report for July which was circulated in advance was APPROVED. Information
1807-50.123 3 payments totalling £842.75 were APPROVED.  In compliance with the requirements of the Transparency Code those in excess of £100 are detailed below : Information
Arrow Accounting : internal audit fee : £233.75
N Prickett : June verges cut : £270.00
Prysebros Ltd : May weed kill treatment : £294.00
1807-50.124 The Internal Auditors report was received and ACCEPTED.  No qualifications were made but a small number of recommendations have been noted and will be implemented.  These will be discussed at the September pc meeting. Clerk
1807-51 Fairport
1807-51.125 At the time of the meeting, 92 tickets had been sold realising the sum of £4140  which will be used for projects to benefit the villages. Information
1807-52 Council administration
1807-52.126 Although advertisements have been placed for the Parish Councillor vacancy following the resignation of Cllr Sowler, and Councillors have spoken to potential volunteers, only one enquiry has been received. This will be followed up.  The vacancy remains open and any interested residents are encouraged to contact the Clerk or Chairman. Chairman       Clerk
1807-60 Planning applications
New applications Information
1807-60.127 18/01069/F : It was suggested that the proposed new entrance may cause confusion due to its positioning near to the right turn lane off the A423 into Little Bourton. The previous application will be revisited and a detailed response sent, referring also as to whether this is the first step towards re-submitting a previous application. Chairman       Clerk
1807-60.128 18/1074/F  : There were no objections to this, although it was noted that the application may slightly extend  the built area of the village boundary. It was thought that this would be regarded as acceptable infilling. It was also noted that only 3 other properties were notified of the application, and that this should have been extended as the application affects more than the 3 directly neighbouring properties. ???
Decisions Information
1807-60.129 18/00802/O56 : Banbury Postiche conversion into dwellings.  This application has been refused. Information
1807-70 Correspondence
Had been circulated to Cllrs, and no further discussion was required.
1807-80 New business
1807.80.130 Cllr Leszczynski reminded Cllrs of the welcome packs for new residents as the properties on the new development are now being sold, Cllr S Upton said she would circulate what she had done so far. Cllr Mrs Upton
1807-90 County Councillors report
1807-90.131 DCllr G Reynolds agreed that planning enforcement needs to be improved, and that he would write to the Head of Planning to inform him that the Parish Council are unhappy with the enforcement procedure. He also suggested that the Parish Council could contact the Ombudsman if they felt the issue needed to be taken further. Information
1807-90.132 The County Council had agreed on 10th July 2018 that the Cherwell executive can now be a joint one, with Oxford County Council. West Oxfordshire District Council and Oxford City Council were not suitable. Information
1807-90.133 Advisory signs to divert HGVs from using village roads.(especially car transporters bound for Appletree Industrial Estate): -The Clerk has written to OCC highways officer, requesting detailed costing information on the proposed signs for the A423, Hennef Way, and A361. Cllr Reynolds indicated that when this information is received he would consider allocating funds for which he is responsible as being beneficial to several parishes affected by these lorries. Information
1807-90.134 Potholes – There is a new capital budget for this work, DCllr Reynolds suggested that there needs to be further investigation to avoid the situation worsening.  It was suggested that Hayfield Homes’ subcontractors should have funded the repairs on Foxden Way as it was used as a diversion when Main Street was closed, but this was not pursued by OCC Highways.  A new Highways Guide and a Highways Survey will be sent to the Parish Council in the near future. Information
1807-90.135 The Junction 11 M40 service station application has been turned down, but a re-application is expected. Information
1807-90.136 A committee has been formed to start  dissolving the joint working of Cherwell District Council  and South Northants District Council, subsequent to the proposed reorganization of Northamptonshire. Proposals for co-operative working arrangements between CDC and OCC for financial expedience are being explored by both parties. Information
Date of next meeting : Tuesday 11th September 2018 in the Village Hall, at 7.30pm.
Meeting closed at 21:10  hrs
Minutes reported by the Acting Clerk on 12/07/18 and drafted by the Clerk on 14/07/18.

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