Parish Council – Draft February minutes

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DRAFT Minutes of the meeting held at the Village Hall, Great Bourton on                                                                                                                Tuesday February 12th 2019 at 19:30
Present : Cllr Mrs S E Leszczynski (Chairman),  Cllrs Mrs S Upton, A Johnson, C Upton, D Drummond
In attendance : S Bowen (Clerk), CCllr/DCllr G Reynolds (part), DCllr D Webb (part), DCllr P Chapman (part)  Apologies : Cllr D Walker
Declarations of Interest : None
Public Participation : There were NO members of the public in attendance.
Minutes : The previous meeting (January) minutes were received and APPROVED.
Minute ref Item Delegated to
1902-01 Footpaths – Progress Report
1902-01.290 No further progress on resolving the Peewit Farm issue so contact to encourage search for an acceptable resolution. Clerk
1902-01.291 The hedge on the Stanwell Lane/Swan Lane link path has been cut by a local resident.  Consideration will be given to relocating the dog bin to halfway along the link path.closer to Stanwell Lane for ease of emptying by CDC Cllrs
1902-02 Highways & Road defects – Progress Report
1902-02.292 We have been informed that a new pothole survey is expected end February.  Residents are encouraged to report ALL severe road defects on, which is the best way to generate an OCC response. Information
1902-02.293 The condition of Foxden Way/Crow Lane has seriously deteriorated and is causing concern.  To be raised again with OCC Highways. Cllr Mrs Upton
1902-03 Village benches – Progress Report
1902-03.294 A location list has been provided to the resident who has  agreed to paint the bench frames which will be done once weather improves. Information
1902-04 Defibrillators – Progress Report
1902-04.295 GB & LB machines both inspected and no faults reported.  Enquiries to be made with manufacturer re servicing of machines. Clerk
1902-04.296 LB : the owner of The Plough will be contacted to confirm if he still requires the defibrillator to be relocated. Clerk
1902-04.297 Reduced quote now received for relocation of machine; confirmation of move awaited. Information
1902-05 Website development – Progress Report.
1902-05.298 Work continues on pages to support Community Hall.  Further training on uploads to be given to Chairman & Clerk. Information
1902-05.299 Cllr Mrs Upton reported that neither CDC nor OCC had updated their information pages with our new email addresses as notified to them. Clerk
1902-06 Garners Field development – Progress Report
1902-06.300 Meeting held on site with HH to review progress of site and Community Hall with Chairman & Clerk.  It was reported to us that the Hall should be complete by April and the site works concluded by end June.  A detailed report was give to the Community Hall Steering Committee. Information
1902-07 Playgrounds & Public Spaces
1902-07.301 GB inspection :  All OK and very tidy.  Thanks to local resident who is monitoring the area. Information
1902-07.302 LB inspection : Equipment OK but litter remains a problem.  PCSO’s will be recontacted to ensure playground is on their patrol now lighter evenings are approaching. Clerk
1902-07.303 A new litter bin for location adjacent to the shelter is to be purchased. Clerk
1902-08 Allotments
1902-08.304 A new padlock & chain has been purchased to replace the one lost.  This is the second replacement and Council will advise tenants that any future replacements will be their responsibility. Clerk
1902-09 Public transport
1902-09.305 A meeting has finally been arranged with Stagecoach Oxford to discuss potential opportunities for improving public transport provision into Banbury, by extension of the B4 service. Thanks to Cllr Mrs Upton. Information
1902-10 Village Hall
1902-10.306 Communication to be sent to the VHMC to update them on progress with Community Hall. Chairman
1902-10.307 Quote for repair of oil tank cover has been accepted, work being commissioned.  A sign warning of dangers of smoking near the tank due to flammable substances has been erected. Information
1902-11 Healthcare
1902-11.308 We have received a reply from DR B Holt of to our letter about delays in provision of incremental outpatient facilities at the Horton.  A response will be drafted.  Agreement on a co-ordinated approach to these issues would be sought with other parish councils in the North Oxfordshire cluster, to strengthen the effectiveness of local action. Cllr Johnson  Clerk
1902-50 Finance & Administration
1902-50.309 The financial statement for February circulated earlier was APPROVED. Information
1902-50.310 7 payments totalling £344.07 were APPROVED. None exceed £100. Information
1902-50.311 CDC have acknowledged receipt of our precept demand for 2019/20. Information
1902-50.312 The issue of the Clerk’s annual salary was discussed in his absence, and it was RESOLVED to implement an increase of £399, in line with increases to the national scale, recognising no increase has been paid since he started in Nov 2015. Information
1902-52 Council Administration
1902-52.313 With Parish Council elections approaching in April, the Clerk will attend a briefing at CDC about the legal process.  People interested becoming a Councillor should initially contact the Clerk or CDC for nomination forms after March 4th.
1902-60 Planning applications
1902-60.314 New applications Information
18/02225/F : 4 Valley View; new porch & windows : no objection
18/02228/F : Eastridge, Main Street, 1st floor extensions & balcony.  Application subsequently amended to delete full balcony, replaced with Juliet balcony : no objections
1902-60.315 A reply has been received from Mr Lombard to our letter and following further information about the potential site behind School Lane, a further communication will be written. Clerk
1902-60.316 Land adjacent to Cropredy/Great Bourton road : the live enforcement notices have not been complied with and CDC have advised they will proceed with matters which could be via direct action, prosecution or both. Information
1902-70 Correspondence
1902-70.317 Email received from resident ref contact from OCC RoW team regarding obstruction to footpath 138/8, now resolved by local action. Information
1902-70.318 No further information has been acquired regarding the potential M40 access slip roads on the Southam Road, research will continue. Information
1902-70.319 Related to the above, comment was made that development/improvement of infrastructure is not keeping up with the huge housing growth being experienced in Banbury, and this causes serious issues for residents trying to access the town centre at peak periods. Information
1902-80 New business
1902-80.320 A meeting has been held with the PCC regarding plans to be implemented following the death of a member of the Royal family and it was RESOLVED that our 2 Councils would work together to develop a plan, potentially to include a memorial service and a memorial bench.  Further meetings will be held when appropriate. Information
1902-80.321 This Council will collaborate with the PCC on a joint approach to acquire external funding to support restoration of the Church Clock face/mechanism and Lych gate tower. Information
1902-90 County Councillors report
1902-90.323 The long considered signs warning against access to the Chipping Warden industrial site using local lanes has been agreed by OCC and will be jointly funded by them, with support from CCllr George Reynolds local budget.  Our thanks were expressed for this support. Information
1902-91 District Councillors report
No new information
Date of next meeting : Tuesday March 12th in the Village Hall, at 7.30pm.
Meeting closed at 21:30  hrs
Minutes drafted by the Clerk on 13/02/19.

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